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Linux Install Notes for Endeavour OS on Thinkpad E430

Endeavour OS on Thinkpad E430

Why Endeavour OS? This is the only Arch-based distro (other than Arch itself) that I’ve liked. Let me count the ways:

  1. Just works
  2. Provides a pleasant and fast install process with sensible defaults and otherwise gets the F out of the way
  3. Doesn’t install a bunch of crap
  4. Defaults to a beautifully themed XFCE, the best desktop environment (though still makes it easy to opt for the default XFCE theme, which I did 2nd time around)
  5. Comes with yay - a really nice alternative to manual AUR update wrangling.
  6. Supposedly supports a whole bunch of other desktop environments, but I haven’t tried any of those.

Building Arch from scratch is fun, and I’d still do it for a server image so I know exactly what I’ve installed. But for a “desktop” Linux install, Endeavour OS is my current top pick.

Desktop environment: XFCE

Hardware just works after install, with the exception of Bluetooth/wifi coexistence (see below).

To Do

Arch packages installed

AURs installed

Snaps installed

Manual installations

Keyboard bindings

Vundle for Vim plugin management

Bluetooth/wifi Coexistance