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Programming has been my profession since the late 90s and is also a hobby. I don’t get to write code as much as I’d like at work these days, and even when I did, there were always side projects to work on nights and weekends. Programming is a satisfying creative act and something I genuinely enjoy doing. It also provides an opportunity to play with computers, which I also enjoy. This page lists some projects I’ve done over the years.


Memory is a CLI-driven database for life memories. It’s an idea I’ve had floating around for years and finally decided to build it. Release 1.0 is up on Github, so have at it. Next up is a web interface.

TDIML: Console to do list manager in many languages

This is a project to write a simple console-based to do list manager in many different programming languages.

Console Klondike/solitaire

Inspired by my dad, who spent years tinkering with a solitaire game written in VC++ and then C#, this is one I’ve written in JavaScript. His had a nice Windows UI, while mine is console based.

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