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Should he accept them, these quests await the site’s maintainer.

This list has gotten a bit out of control. I need to focus a bit as the options are getting to be overwhelming. Let’s pick 3 priorities to work on until I feel they’re in a state where I can set them down for a while in good faith and focus one something else for a bit. I’ll keep this list to 3 items in order to force some level of focus.

  1. To-do in many languages - finish Ruby
  2. SDF - get to know the community and continue to experiment with Gopher.
  3. SDF - possibly moving this site there

Found around the site:

./programming/index.md:31:TODO: Migrate github projects
./trees_oak.md:13:Oaks identified so far (TODO: script this):
./linux/terminal-life.md:7:TODO: Under construction, terminal keyboard shortcuts
./_trees/cornus_kousa.md:23:TODO: Dogwood flower photo
./_trees/quercus_velutina.md:20:TODO: Black oak acorn
./_trees/morus_rubra.md:23:TODO: Mulberry photos
./_trees/tilia_americana.md:17:TODO: Linden photos
./_trees/juglans_cinerea.md:23:TODO: Butternut photos
./vim/vimrc.md:7:TODO: Update
./vim/index.md:20:TODO: Vundle & plugins I use
./scripts/build.sh:5:# generate _includes/todo.html, which is a grep of pages for TODO:

You can see from this list of ideas to work on that I have way more of them than time or attention span to spend on them.